White Night Melbourne



A responsive website focused on the night of the event. With more than 257,794 people accessing the website over the 24 hours event period, the goal was to keep the content as user friendly as possible. This project had a massive focus in the mobile interface. This site had been designed for mobile interfaces first and expanded to a desktop version later.

My role

My job was to give the entire site a makeover as well as to design the new user interaction. All the images, typography, colours and tiles were consistently thought throughout the entire process. I also contributed to the front-end development stage.


Responsive Menu

A lot of time had been spent over the primary navigation in order to provide a great "on the go" experience. Two options had been delivered. The option on the right was the winner with a more consistent look and feel when compared to the rest of the site.

Mega Navigation

The primary navigation includes information over different tabs and levels as well as featured sections illustrated by colours and images.

Landing Page & Maps

The content in the landing page can be expanded while still keeping the consistent look and feel. The map, icons, social media section and side bar had also been part of the design process.


The content is displayed in different levels and drop down layers. This was the solution achieved in order to make the best use of the space.


I was responsible for expanding the existent email newsletter design as well as developing the new design.

Banners & Social Marketing

A range of banners had been designed for advertisement and social media engagement.