Cadel Great Ocean Road Race

UI / UX Design, front-end Developmet, email, social & marketing


A responsive WordPress website for the first ever Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race. The site includes content such as race categories, circuits, maps, photos, videos, the teams, services, general information, news, sponsors, registration details and more.

My role

I was responsible for the UX/UI design as well as collaborating in the frontend development stages of this project.


2016 Redesign

The client has chosen to update the homepage for 2016 followed by its last year's success. I was responsible for redesigning and developing the changes in the frontend. The top section displays multiple high level content divided in tabs as well as a submission form. A selection of three social widgets have been expanded down the page expecting higher social conversions.

Race Categories

This section displays the three race categories and course maps. The tab solution used offered a more user friendly option than stacking the content on top of each other. It definitely saved some real estate within the page.

Landing Page

The landing page brings interactive content such as videos, maps and photos. The sidebar includes important features such as a secondary navigation, links, event's information, a gallery, official partners and social media widgets.


I was responsible for designing and developing this responsive email newsletter template. A range of 'edms' had been produced weekly delivering registrations alerts, news and important information about the event.

Marketing & Social Collateral

Advertisement web banners and creative social posts design.